If there ever comes a time in your life where you can’t make your own medical decisions, do you know how you want to be treated?

Your family may want to pursue treatment that you wouldn’t approve, if you could speak for yourself. Your doctors could recommend a course of action that you wouldn’t want to pursue, if you could speak for yourself. A Living Will allows you to keep your voice and tell your family and doctors how you want to be treated if you’re in a persistent vegetative state or in terminal condition.

Living Will: What and When

A Living Will is a legal document that allows you to state details of how you want to be cared for if you are in a condition where recovery is hopeless. These details include:

  • Stating whether you want to continue or stop medical treatment
  • Whether or not you want to receive pain medication in the event that you opt to end medical treatment
  • Whether or not you want to receive food and water intravenously

A Living Will comes into effect when two conditions are met.

  • Two physicians agree that a person is in a persistent vegetative state or terminal condition.
  • The person is, and has been, unable to communicate with doctors.

Where To Turn for a Living Will

Preparing for a situation or illness that you could never recover from is very serious. Your Living Will needs to be clear and accurate so that your wishes are carried out how you intend them to be. An attorney who specializes in Living Wills can help you do just this.

Here in Boulder, Colorado, Caplan and Earnest LLC has been helping families and individuals with their Living Wills since 1969. Today, the firm is one of Boulder’s leaders in estate planning.

Why an Attorney?

Attorneys who specialize in Living Wills know the relevant requirements and laws in your state, such as:

  • What types of situations you can leave instructions for
  • Who can witness your Living Will (and who can not)
  • When a Living Will is enough and when you should also have a durable power of attorney
  • How to change your mind and revoke your Living Will

An attorney, like those in Caplan and Earnest LLC’s estate-planning group, can also help you create other legal aspects of your plan so there is consistency among relating documents, such as:

  • Medical powers of attorney
  • End of life directions and documents
  • HIPAA authorizations

Colorado Attorneys Who Are Here for You

As members of a mid-size law firm with many collective years of experience and knowledge, the attorneys at Caplan and Earnest LLC create Living Wills with expertise and expedience.

The attorneys understand and respect that every situation is unique to each individual and family, and they work closely with you to make informed decisions so you can feel peace of mind.

If you live in the Boulder, Denver or Fort Collins, Colorado area and are interested in learning more about living wills, please contact us today. We are happy to discuss how we can help you and your family live a more secure life. We are committed to our clients’ legal priorities and provide quality service to obtain the results every client seeks and deserves.