About Gwyneth Whalen

Gwyneth Whalen is the practice group leader for the firm’s Litigation section. She focuses on complex litigation and has served as a Boulder County district court judge.

What is a Preliminary Injunction?

On rare occasions, courts enter preliminary injunctions to prevent irreparable harm before a decision on the merits is reached. A preliminary injunction can restrain a party from proceeding with a certain course of conduct, preserve the status quo, or protect a party’s rights pending the final determination of a case. However, courts are hesitant to grant this relief. In Rathke, [...]

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Faced with Possible Legal Action, Parties Should Enact a Litigation Hold

Amanda Levin provided original research for this blog post. If you think you or your organization is going to be involved in a legal matter, you are legally bound to preserve communications or information that might be considered evidence. Several recent events in Colorado, including items at school districts as well as a recent controversy at the University of Colorado, [...]

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