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Episode 5: New Health Law Rundown Podcast Covers Rule 800 Change

BOULDER—Nov. 2, 2017—Episode 5 of the Health Law Rundown, a podcast created by Caplan and Earnest attorney Matt Ullrich, is now available. Episode 5 includes a discussion with health law attorney Bob Rowland and Ullrich on the Colorado Medical Board’s updated version of Rule 800 concerning the delegation and supervision of medical services to unlicensed persons. The podcast highlights the [...]

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CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule Takes Effect Nov. 15

In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, the November 15, 2017 deadline for new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services regulations on emergency preparedness seems all the more critical. Hundreds of facilities were devastated by flooding and damage, leaving them without vital patient data and at risk of security breaches and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act violations. [...]

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The Colorado Medical Board Finalizes Rule Concerning Delegation and Supervision of Medical Services

The Colorado Medical Board recently finalized an updated version of Rule 800 concerning the delegation and supervision of medical services to unlicensed persons. Highlights of these rule changes, which are of particular interest to physicians who delegate services and health care providers who work with delegating physicians, include: A delegating physician must ensure there is, on-site and available to the [...]

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Episode 4: Health Law Rundown Podcast Covers Criminal Impacts on Health Care Licensing

BOULDER—Aug. 1, 2017—Episode 4 of the Health Law Rundown, a podcast created by Caplan and Earnest attorney Matt Ullrich, is now available. Episode 4 includes a discussion with Caplan and Earnest attorneys Sheryl K. Bridges and Greg Lindquist about the health care issues and ramifications a practitioner providing Medicare or Medicaid services and licensed under the Colorado Medical Board or [...]

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Public Hearing Scheduled Aug. 1 for Workers’ Comp Rule Changes

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment announced it will hold a public hearing prior to the adoption of proposed amendments to the Workers’ Compensation Rules of Procedure, Rules 16 and 18, regarding Utilization Standards and Medical Fee Schedule, respectively. Specifics of the Workers’ Compensation proposed and adopted rules can be viewed here. The hearing will take place on August [...]

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New Legislation to Affect Colorado Medical and Dental Providers in August

Many health care professionals struggle with traditional models of patient care because of limitations on reimbursement imposed by insurance companies. When they are forced to rely on insurance companies and federally funded programs such as Medicare and Medicaid to determine coverage and reimbursement rates, these health care professionals are stretched thin. To cover overhead costs, they often schedule as many [...]

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Episode 3: Health Law Rundown Podcast Covers Granny Cams

BOULDER—June 21, 2017—Episode 3 of the Health Law Rundown podcast is now available. In this episode, Caplan and Earnest Attorney Matthew Ullrich provides an overview of the use and privacy concerns of cameras in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, otherwise known as Granny Cams, including tips facilities should be thinking about today. The Health Law Rundown podcast features timely [...]

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Health Care and the 2017 Colorado Legislative Session

Note: Josiah Beamish, J.D., a health law clerk for Caplan and Earnest, was instrumental in compiling this information. The 2017 Colorado Legislative Session resulted in some key pieces of health care legislation, which allowed the legislature to address several long-term needs in the state’s health care system. One of the biggest developments this legislative session is the commitment to supporting [...]

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Understanding “Incident To” Billing

Section 1861(s)(2)(A) of the Social Security Act allows physicians to bill Medicare for patient services provided “incident to” a physician’s services. “Incident to” services are furnished incident to physician professional services in the physician’s office or in certain other locations.  These services are typically performed by non-physician practitioners (NPPs), such as a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant.  The services, which [...]

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Patient Safety Act Dies in State Senate

Earlier this month, the Patient Safety Act (HB17-1121), a bill requiring fingerprint-based criminal history record checks for many Colorado health professionals, died in the Senate Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs when it was postponed indefinitely. The bill would have required applicants for initial licensure or certification, as well as current licensees and certificate holders, to submit to a [...]

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