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Kristin Edgar practices as part of the firm’s Education Law section. She specializes in representing institutional and corporate clients, including school districts, county hospitals and health services districts.

Identifying and Auditing Potential Risk Areas to Promote Compliance

The Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services recently published “Practical Guidance for Health Care Governing Boards on Compliance Oversight,” in collaboration with a number of leading health care organizations. This post examines health care governing boards and their roles in providing oversight for compliance with state and federal health care regulatory laws by [...]

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Senior Living and Medical Marijuana: What Providers Should Take Into Account

Medical marijuana has a history of usage for chronic pain and other ailments, and with its legalization in Colorado, many residents—including seniors living in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities—use marijuana to treat a variety of conditions. However, when it comes to senior living and medical marijuana, there are several considerations nursing home and assisted living administrators need to take [...]

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Managing Parental Rights Disputes in the School Setting: Best Practices

Often the most difficult decisions in school administration are those arising out of students’ family dynamics.  These dynamics have become more complicated with the rise of non-traditional families.  With increasing frequency, parents are playing out parenting disputes in the school setting over issues that include school-parent communication, student visitation, and access to student records.  Districts should be familiar with the [...]

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U.S. Department of Education Issues Guidance on Collection and Sharing of Student Data

In response to mounting parent concern about the privacy of student educational data, the Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) within the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) recently issued guidance that encourages K-12 school districts to achieve greater transparency in their data practices and offers a number of best practices for school districts to consider in improving transparency. The DOE divides these [...]

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Telephone Consumer Protection Act Compliance: Recent FCC Rules and What Your District Should Know About Autodialing and Text Message Communications with Students, Parents and Staff

Many school districts1 have embraced automatic telephone dialing (aka “autodialing”) systems and text messages as means of communicating with students, parent and staff.  As your school district updates its communications systems for a new year, it’s important to revisit district obligations with respect to these methods of communication under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, particularly in light of the FCC [...]

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Colorado Education Association S.B. 191 “Mutual Consent” Lawsuit Dismissed

Late on June 6, a Denver district judge dismissed the Colorado Education Association lawsuit challenging the Denver Public Schools’ (“DPS”) adoption of the “mutual consent” provisions in S.B. 191.  The court ruled that plaintiff Cynthia Masters, on behalf of the CEA, failed to establish that the “mutual consent” provisions of S.B. 191 violated the Colorado Constitution’s contract and due process [...]

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Don’t Drink and Facebook: Why Teachers Should Exercise Caution in the Use of Social Media

It has become a familiar refrain: a teacher posts something inappropriate to his or her private Facebook account that results in being fired from his or her teaching job.  The variations on this refrain are too numerous to list.  The teachers are young, old, male, female and every age in between. They are probationary and nonprobationary. They post pictures of [...]

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