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Lynn Bird is the practice group leader for the firm’s Estate Planning and Business Law sections. His practice focuses on estate planning, trusts, corporate entity formation, business transactions, employment and real estate law.

Protect Your Estate with Property Control Trusts

As you create your estate plan, you will likely form an idea of how you’d like your beneficiaries to use — or not use — their inheritances. For instance, perhaps you’d like your daughter to use part of her inheritance specifically for college, or maybe you’d like to safeguard against a beneficiary you’re worried would injudiciously spend their inheritance. [...]

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Estate Planning: What Are the Numbers for 2017?

Every year there are some important numbers to consider as a basis to discussing your estate plan and determining what’s right for you. For starters, you should be familiar with the current estate tax exemption. You should also know what you can gift to a single person in a year before it becomes taxable. While these numbers don’t always [...]

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What Is a QTIP Trust and When Does It Make Sense in Estate Planning?

For married couples in blended families, providing for a current spouse while also providing for children from a previous marriage is a big concern. A good way to address this in an estate plan is through a qualified terminable interest property (QTIP) trust. How QTIP Trusts Work QTIP trusts allow you to ensure that your second spouse will have continuing [...]

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Keep Your Medical Power of Attorney Simple: Name One Child, Not All of Them, as Agent

A key element of thorough estate planning is deciding who will have your medical power of attorney in the event you are incapacitated and unable to make important medical decisions yourself. It’s not a pleasant topic to think about, but it’s absolutely crucial if you want your wishes to be honored in such a tragic situation. Obviously, choosing who [...]

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Why It’s Not a Good Idea to Name All of Your Children as Your Personal Representative

Many people, when drawing up a will and full estate plan, wish to name all of their children as their estate’s personal representative(s). This is often an attempt to avoid acrimony or out of a belief that every child should “have a say.” We’ve previously written about the role of the personal representative in the estate planning process. A personal [...]

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Five Questions Your Estate Planning Lawyer Should Ask You

If you’ve looked into estate planning, you probably don’t need to be told that it’s complicated. Trying to navigate the bevvy of laws and tax provisions in place, not to mention your financial situation and family relationships, is not a simple task. It’s easy to miss things, to overlook certain issues — after all, there are so many. That’s [...]

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