What Do I Need to Do If I Want to Change the Name of My Business?

Circumstances change fast in the small business world, and it’s often a good idea for your business name to change along with them. Perhaps you’ve added or lost a business partner, or you’ve expanded the scope of your business by adding a new product or service and you want your business name to reflect that change. Sounds simple. Get a [...]

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Fraud on the Rise: Effective Ways to Protect Your Small Business

Whether it’s due to the inherent vulnerabilities of our digital world, widening economic inequality and frustrations, or other factors, the sad truth is that business fraud is on the rise. And, unfortunately for employers, insider fraud is more common than outsider fraud. Insider fraud can come from an individual or a coordinated team, and the most common forms are asset [...]

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Protecting Your Trade Secrets in the Digital Age

Trade secrets—whether it’s a chemical formula, a manufacturing process, a recipe or an idea—represent the core of a company’s competitive advantage in the marketplace. Unlike trademarks, patents and copyrights, however, trade secrets are not registered with nor protected by the government. In today’s digital landscape, data theft by employees poses an ever-increasing threat. Contributing factors include the digitization of assets [...]

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What Employers Should Know About Severance Agreements

When it comes to severance pay, Colorado law permits but does not require businesses to offer it. It’s up to the employer to decide what to do. Importantly, if an employee is led to believe they will receive severance, the employer is then legally required to pay it. Such promises can be established in writing, orally, or through precedent. Organizations [...]

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Do You Have a Business or a Hobby?

When the “Great Recession” hit, the unemployment rate peaked at more than 10 percent in October 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. People who had jobs were glad to have them, and for those that did not, many turned hobbies into money-making ventures. With the economic rebound, some went back to work and let the hobbies go back [...]

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Trademark Infringement in the Digital Age

The rise of the Internet has made trademark protection an increasingly complicated task. Search functions allow businesses to more easily track down trademark similarities, making allegations of trademark infringement more common, but other web data aspects including domain names, keying and meta tags have added layers of complexity to the ways trademark infringement might occur. Domain names Domain names, or [...]

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A Good Lawyer Saves Your Business Money

Search and click. Search and click. Go. Display results. Google has changed not only the way we access information, it has altered our sense of competence and even identity. For the independent-minded, especially the young and entrepreneurial, it’s no longer do-it-yourself, it’s become-it-yourself. A few clicks and you’ve joined a profession, with access to the same information your doctor, veterinarian [...]

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The Employee Handbook: What Employers Should Know

New hires often view employee handbooks as a formality, something to quickly browse before signing off that they’ve read it. However, from a legal perspective, employee handbooks are more complex and important than many business owners realize, and a thoughtful, well-crafted handbook is a preventive mechanism worthy of investment. Employers who refrain from spending on legal advice on drafting an [...]

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House Bill Promises Expanding Role for Public Private Partnerships

The new and improved U.S. Highway 36, also known as the Boulder Turnpike, is the offspring of a partnership between the state of Colorado and Australian business consortium Plenary Roads Denver. In exchange for financing two-thirds of the $497 million project, and for operating and maintaining the highway, Plenary will collect tolls for 50 years. This type of arrangement is [...]

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