Do You Need a Will? A Lesson from Prince’s Estate Woes

We originally wrote about the woes surrounding Prince’s estate around this same time last year, and it’s only been within the past month that a judge ruled his extensive estate will be divided between the entertainer’s six siblings. Why the dispute? Prince died without a will, setting in motion a long process to determine his heirs. Over the course [...]

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5 Reasons 30-Year-Olds Need an Estate Plan

When we’re in our thirties, or even younger, we often don’t consider what it really means to have an estate. We think estate plans are about passing down vacation homes and divvying up inheritances, not the very real planning that protects loved ones and ourselves from unforeseen accidents, or the documents that help you start college funds for your [...]

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Protect Your Estate with Property Control Trusts

As you create your estate plan, you will likely form an idea of how you’d like your beneficiaries to use — or not use — their inheritances. For instance, perhaps you’d like your daughter to use part of her inheritance specifically for college, or maybe you’d like to safeguard against a beneficiary you’re worried would injudiciously spend their inheritance. [...]

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Estate Planning: What Are the Numbers for 2017?

Every year there are some important numbers to consider as a basis to discussing your estate plan and determining what’s right for you. For starters, you should be familiar with the current estate tax exemption. You should also know what you can gift to a single person in a year before it becomes taxable. While these numbers don’t always [...]

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