Episode 5: Colorado Medical Board Rule 800

Recently, the Colorado Medical Board finalized an updated version of Rule 800 concerning the delegation and supervision of medical services to unlicensed persons. In this Health Law Rundown episode, Attorney Matt Ullrich talks with Caplan & Earnest Attorney Bob Rowland about the highlights of this rule, its nuances, and how it impacts health care providers.

Episode 4: Criminal Impacts on Health Care Licensing

In this episode, Matt Ullrich interviews Caplan & Earnest attorneys Sheryl K. Bridges and Greg Lindquist about the health care issues and ramifications a practitioner providing Medicare or Medicaid services and licensed under the Colorado Medical Board or Nursing Board may face when charged with or convicted of a crime.

Episode 3: Granny Cams

In this third episode, health care attorney Matt Ullrich provides an overview of the use and privacy concerns of cameras in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, including tips that facilities should be thinking about today.

Episode 2: Telehealth

In this second episode, health care attorney Matt Ullrich provides an overview of the rules and regulations of Telehealth, including the pitfalls that providers and practitioners should know.

Episode 1: HIPAA and Social Media

When patient privacy and social media converge, a health care organization may be at risk for liability. In this first episode, Attorneys Matt Ullrich and Kristin Edgar discuss considerations and best practices.