The busiest time in the school board election season is upon us, and local school district designated election officials (commonly called DEOs) can breathe a sigh of relief.  The Secretary of State repealed an onerous election rule that required DEOs to certify the completeness and accuracy of the state’s official SCORE address library for addresses within the district.  School district DEOs were not well positioned to comply with the rule, which had more to do with county records than school records, and the Secretary of State’s decision removed the requirement entirely.  So share the good news with colleagues in other school districts – it’s a rare opportunity to celebrate the repeal of a regulatory requirement.

But wait—before crossing the SCORE certification task off of the election to-do list, take a moment to check the election contract the district signed with the county clerk, called the intergovernmental agreement, to ensure it is free of any now-outdated provisions relating to the certification.

With the SCORE certification requirement out of the way, local DEOs can turn their attention to ensuring a smooth petition process in their local communities.  As candidates begin submitting their completed forms, the heavy work of verifying petitions begins.  The school law team at Caplan and Earnest understands the tremendous importance (and hidden complexities) of local elections.  So, when questions arise, please don’t hesitate to call or email.

For the curious fans of election law, the repealed rule was Election Rule 4.1.3 at 8 CCR 1505-1 and the Secretary of State’s official Notice of Permanent Adoption and Statement of Basis, Purpose, and Specific Statutory Authority can be viewed here.

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