5 Reasons 30-Year-Olds Need an Estate Plan

When we’re in our thirties, or even younger, we often don’t consider what it really means to have an estate. We think estate plans are about passing down vacation homes and divvying up inheritances, not the very real planning that protects loved ones and ourselves from unforeseen accidents, or the documents that help you start college funds for your [...]

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Estate Planning: What Are the Numbers for 2017?

Every year there are some important numbers to consider as a basis to discussing your estate plan and determining what’s right for you. For starters, you should be familiar with the current estate tax exemption. You should also know what you can gift to a single person in a year before it becomes taxable. While these numbers don’t always [...]

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Why It’s Not a Good Idea to Name All of Your Children as Your Personal Representative

Many people, when drawing up a will and full estate plan, wish to name all of their children as their estate’s personal representative(s). This is often an attempt to avoid acrimony or out of a belief that every child should “have a say.” We’ve previously written about the role of the personal representative in the estate planning process. A personal [...]

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Survey: 72% of Americans Do Not Have an Up-to-Date Will

A new survey is highlighting just how few Americans have a basic estate plan, with findings that suggest 63 percent of Americans have not created a will, while 9 percent have an outdated will, which can be as ineffective as not having a will at all. The survey grouped its respondents by age, starting at 18, and found that, unsurprisingly, [...]

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Senior Law Day A Great Resource for Local Seniors

As we age, we face more challenges than we can imagine. Housing, health care, personal care planning, estate planning, insurance, public benefits and guardianship are just a few of the many issues that should be addressed as aging seniors and their families plan ahead. On Aug. 6, Boulder County’s Boulder Senior Law Day Planning Committee will host Senior Law Day, [...]

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Modern Estate Planning for Blended Families

Blended families, where one or both spouses have been previously married, are an increasingly common part of our social landscape. A 2013 Pew Foundation study estimated that 40 percent of families include at least one remarried spouse. In 20 percent of families, both partners are remarried. The numbers are striking, but they represent much more than statistics. They speak to [...]

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3 Steps to Planning for Your Initial Estate Plan

A typical estate plan has a will, financial power of attorney, medical power of attorney, HIPAA authorization and living will. Your will is first and foremost the most important document you’ll create to make sure your estate and assets are distributed according to your wishes after you die. Even the most simple, supposedly straightforward wills include legal terms and technical [...]

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