ADA Regulations: What Businesses Need to Know About Service vs. Emotional Support Animals

Service animals are a common sight almost everywhere you go. They are of great help and assistance to people with disabilities, providing them greater access, mobility, and freedom. But, with the addition of what are now called “emotional support animals,” some business owners are now faced with a rather confusing and complicated area of compliance with the law. Attorneys Doug [...]

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Doug Stevens Invited to Present at the Experiential Learning Leadership Initiative in Lake Tahoe, California

Doug Stevens, special counsel in the litigation practice, will be speaking at the Experiential Learning Leadership Initiative in Lake Tahoe, CA, on April 16. Stevens’ participation is part of the Initiative’s Experiential Learning Leadership Intensive (“E.L. Boot Camp”), sponsored by the Shine Your Light organization and the Gap Year Association. Stevens will be co-presenting with Ethan Knight, executive director of the Gap [...]

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Doug Stevens Invited to Present at Colorado Agritourism Association Annual Meeting in Denver

Doug Stevens has been invited to be a guest speaker at the Annual Meeting of the Colorado Agritourism Association held in Denver on April 23. The Colorado Agritourism Association is a nonprofit association representing the interests of those in Colorado’s rapidly expanding agritourism business, including farmers, ranchers, equine professionals, and others in this industry which typically showcases the intersection between [...]

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Doug Stevens to Address CSU Class on Legal and Risk Management Issues in the Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Tourism Industries

Doug Stevens, special counsel in the litigation practice, has been asked to be a guest speaker for Colorado State University’s Insight into the Adventure Tourism Industry class. The course is part of the University’s new Graduate Certificate in Adventure Tourism program. The program, which launched in January, features an intensive curriculum covering all aspects of the outdoor recreation and adventure [...]

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Special Counsel Doug Stevens Presents at 2017 AGA Gap Year Conference

BOULDER—May 17, 2017—Caplan and Earnest Attorney Doug Stevens presented on risk management when working with contractors at the American Gap Association’s 2017 International Gap Year Conference on May 7 in Denver. Stevens is a special counsel in the litigation practice group. His presentation, “Strategies for Minimizing Risks in Your Contractor & Partner Relationships,” focused on properly vetting contractors and minimizing risks [...]

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Tips for Effective Contracting with Vendors

First published in Hoofbeats, the publication of the Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association. As a dude ranch operator, working with vendors is undoubtedly an integral part of your business. Whether that relationship is with a recreational provider such as a rafting company, a website provider, a maintenance contractor, or a food supplier, it is critical that you have a [...]

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Doug Stevens on Why He Practices Outdoor Recreational Law

Doug Stevens worked his first case for a hunting outfitter nearly a dozen years ago, and has been providing counsel to outdoor recreation providers ever since. Like any business, recreation providers face legal issues related to the day to day — including business structure, incorporation and succession planning — while simultaneously being in the unique position of needing to prepare [...]

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Colorado Court of Appeals Addresses Liability Waiver Issues in Stone Decision

In Stone v. Life Time Fitness, Inc., et al. (No. 15CV0598, Colo. App. December 29, 2016), the Colorado Court of Appeals recently declined to uphold a district court’s summary judgment order in favor of a fitness club when a member sued after being injured at the facility. Applying the Premises Liability Act (PLA), the trial court had dismissed a lawsuit [...]

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Attorney Doug Stevens to Present at WRMC 2016

BOULDER—June 22, 2016—Caplan and Earnest attorney Doug Stevens, special counsel to the firm, was selected to present at the 2016 Wilderness Risk Management Conference in Salt Lake City. Stevens, who specializes in outdoor recreational law, will co-present the program, “Lessons in Risk Management and Crisis Response – A Case Study,” with attorney Catherine Hansen-Stamp, of Golden. Stevens and Hansen-Stamp will [...]

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Attorney Doug Stevens to Present at AEE Annual Conference

BOULDER—May 13, 2016—Caplan and Earnest LLC attorney Doug Stevens, who serves as special counsel to the firm, will present at the 2016 Association for Experiential Education International Conference. Stevens, who specializes in recreational law, will lead the workshop, “Valuable Case Studies for Preventing Accidents Before They Occur and Effectively Handling Them Afterward.” Using two case studies as a guide, Stevens [...]

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