Estate Planning: What Are the Numbers for 2017?

Every year there are some important numbers to consider as a basis to discussing your estate plan and determining what’s right for you. For starters, you should be familiar with the current estate tax exemption. You should also know what you can gift to a single person in a year before it becomes taxable. While these numbers don’t always [...]

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What Is a QTIP Trust and When Does It Make Sense in Estate Planning?

For married couples in blended families, providing for a current spouse while also providing for children from a previous marriage is a big concern. A good way to address this in an estate plan is through a qualified terminable interest property (QTIP) trust. How QTIP Trusts Work QTIP trusts allow you to ensure that your second spouse will have continuing [...]

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Should I Use Online Estate Planning Tools?

These days, everything is online. Every answer is just a Google search away. And this is great — there’s no substitute for being able to find obscure or complicated answers with only five seconds of searching. This dynamic has been influencing the field of estate planning for years. It’s the easiest thing in the world to find online will generators [...]

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Dispute Over James Brown Estate Offers Three Important Estate Planning Lessons

The dispute over James Brown’s estate is yet another celebrity example of estate planning gone sour. In the Godfather of Soul’s case, he actually did many things right in laying out his plan—which has worked in his favor in subsequent lawsuits—but his estate is still embroiled in legal challenges. As regrettable as the situation is, the dispute over Brown’s estate [...]

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Taking Stock of Your Digital Estate

Here’s something earlier generations didn’t have to worry about—our online presence and what happens to it when we pass on. Take a moment to think about all of your online accounts and how many passwords are associated with each. From social media and banking accounts to online bill-pay, subscriptions and even more social media accounts, the average person today has [...]

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