3 Steps to Planning for Your Initial Estate Plan

A typical estate plan has a will, financial power of attorney, medical power of attorney, HIPAA authorization and living will. Your will is first and foremost the most important document you’ll create to make sure your estate and assets are distributed according to your wishes after you die. Even the most simple, supposedly straightforward wills include legal terms and technical [...]

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Estate Planning is for Everybody, Prince and 20-Year-Olds Included

Whether you’re a megastar like Prince Rogers Nelson or a young father with a one-year old, leaving behind an estate plan is essential, particularly for your loved ones. While Prince’s tragic death has made headlines for the performer’s lack of a will and what that means for his immense estate, a recent Dear Abby column shows it’s not just wealthy [...]

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What Is Five Wishes and How Do They Relate to Estate Planning Documents?

You are likely familiar with the usual terms for legally-binding end-of-life documents, such as living will, medical power of attorney, advanced directive, do not resuscitate order, and others. The Five Wishes (not to be confused with the national Make-A-Wish foundation for terminally ill children) is an alternate advanced directive created by the nonprofit organization, Aging with Dignity. In short, [...]

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Estate Planning and the End of Life: Medical Considerations

Nothing can take away the grief when a loved one passes. However, a well-managed estate can soothe the situation by sparing your family additional, preventable stress. Today’s families face increasingly complicated end-of-life medical decisions with unknown outcomes. Decisions are often made under duress and may have major financial impacts. Sadly, these situations can tear even the most loving families apart. [...]

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Trusts and Estate Documents: More Than Just Wills and Trusts

When people think of estate planning, they typically think of wills and trusts. Both are without a doubt a good place for an estate plan to start, but there are several other documents any thorough estate planning attorney would advise as a smart addition to every estate plan. Such documents include powers of attorney (both medical and financial), living wills, [...]

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Four Essential Estate Planning Documents

If you’re new to estate planning but you want to plan for your future, you’ve probably wondered to yourself, “what are the estate planning documents I need?”  While we’ve all heard of wills, other necessary documents—like power of attorney—don’t always immediately spring to mind. Recently, however, the Wall Street Journal’s Tom Lauricella addressed the question in a column titled, “Four [...]

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Why Have an Attorney Create Your Living Will?

If there ever comes a time in your life where you can't make your own medical decisions, do you know how you want to be treated? Your family may want to pursue treatment that you wouldn't approve, if you could speak for yourself. Your doctors could recommend a course of action that you wouldn't want to pursue, if you could [...]

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