Do You Need a Will? A Lesson from Prince’s Estate Woes

We originally wrote about the woes surrounding Prince’s estate around this same time last year, and it’s only been within the past month that a judge ruled his extensive estate will be divided between the entertainer’s six siblings. Why the dispute? Prince died without a will, setting in motion a long process to determine his heirs. Over the course [...]

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5 Reasons 30-Year-Olds Need an Estate Plan

When we’re in our thirties, or even younger, we often don’t consider what it really means to have an estate. We think estate plans are about passing down vacation homes and divvying up inheritances, not the very real planning that protects loved ones and ourselves from unforeseen accidents, or the documents that help you start college funds for your [...]

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Who Should You Name to a General Power of Attorney?

Deciding who to name to a General Power of Attorney — a document that gives a person or organization the right to act on your behalf in relation to business and financial matters — can become complicated when there are a number of people from which to potentially choose, particularly when discussing children. As we’ve written about previously, however, you [...]

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When Institutions Question Power of Attorney, Push Forward

As discussed in previous articles, a power of attorney is an essential and inexpensive legal document that provides a designated person (often called an “agent”) the right to act on another’s behalf when making financial decisions. It’s typically set up between adult children and their parents, aunts, uncles, siblings or others you would trust with important life decisions. Simply stated, [...]

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Four Essential Estate Planning Documents

If you’re new to estate planning but you want to plan for your future, you’ve probably wondered to yourself, “what are the estate planning documents I need?”  While we’ve all heard of wills, other necessary documents—like power of attorney—don’t always immediately spring to mind. Recently, however, the Wall Street Journal’s Tom Lauricella addressed the question in a column titled, “Four [...]

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It Takes a Celebrity to Remind Us We’re Mortal

A recent AARP feature on actress Valerie Harper illustrates the good grace and wisdom—not to mention her trademark infectious humor—with which Harper has approached her terminal cancer diagnosis. Harper’s story is a moving one—it reminds us that life can change at any moment and that so much is out of our control. But her story is an inspiring one too. [...]

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Why Have an Attorney Create Your Living Will?

If there ever comes a time in your life where you can't make your own medical decisions, do you know how you want to be treated? Your family may want to pursue treatment that you wouldn't approve, if you could speak for yourself. Your doctors could recommend a course of action that you wouldn't want to pursue, if you could [...]

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What is a Power of Attorney?

Anyone can find himself or herself in an incapacitated state at any age, due to illness or accident. As one of Boulder's leading law firms, the attorneys at Caplan and Earnest LLC have helped countless families and individuals plan for the unexpected. The firm is here to help individuals plan ahead so that they are prepared for the worst and [...]

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