A will is a legal document that allows a person to state how he or she wishes to distribute remaining possessions after death. A will may also dictate how someone wants their property taken care of or who will assume guardianship of their children. It is important to have an up-to-date will so that in the case of an unexpected accident or illness, your loved ones are protected and cared for how you would like them to be.

Choosing an online will creator to craft a will may seem like an easy route, but the short turn-around time and automated nature of online will creators can lead to issues.

  • By relying on a computer program, not an attorney, every will is created under similar, one-size-fits-all parameters, not personal goals.
  • Without personal attention to a will, it can lack the flexibly many people need.
  • Without an attorney, when the time comes to reference a will, there isn’t anyone to represent the person after death.

Why To Use an Estate Planning Attorney

While working with an attorney may take longer than the two-day turn-around time that online will creators promise, that time will be well spent. Our Boulder Estate Planning Attorneys offer unchallenged benefits, such as:

Experience: Attorneys who specialize in estate planning have years of legal knowledge and expertise at their disposal that they use to carry out client goals. The estate planning attorneys at Caplan and Earnest LLC, for example, have been helping Coloradoans write and carry out wills since 1969.

Personal Planning: Estate planning attorneys do not rely on generic formulas to write every will like online will creators do. Instead, an attorney will meet with a client as many times as needed to craft a will that meets each personal goal with the best legal strategies to back those goals up.

Stability: Estate planning attorneys do not just stop at creating a will, like online will creators do. By choosing an attorney, clients gain the peace of mind that they can call their attorney any time to make changes and adjustments to a will.

Creating Your Will in Colorado

Different states often have varying laws, so it’s more reliable to gain help from an attorney who practices in the state in which you live. Caplan and Earnest LLC is one of Boulder’s leading estate planning firms.

If you live in the Boulder, Denver or Fort Collins, Colorado area and have questions regarding living wills, please contact Caplan and Earnest LLC today.