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Caplan & Earnest is a different kind of law firm, one that values and respects the legal and business talents of our attorneys and staff members. With offices in Boulder, Eagle, and Summit counties. We appreciate independent, multi-dimensional thinkers capable of complex problem solving. Our flexible and supportive culture results in long-term team members and clients.

Maintaining a positive and supportive culture is a critical component of our experience at Caplan & Earnest. How we treat each other and our clients reflects the firm’s core values, as well as the beliefs and attitudes of our team members. This has been true for the firm since it was started by Gerald Caplan and Lane Earnest more than 50 years ago. Our members have worked diligently over the years to grow, maintain and adapt our firm culture as the business landscape has changed. Our culture drives everything from how we work with our clients to the people we hire to how we interact with each other to how we make decisions for our business. Simply put, our culture is what keeps our firm going. It is important for new people joining the firm to understand, respect, internalize and reflect our culture. In fact, we feel it is so important that we wanted to put it in writing for our new people. It starts with our firm mission and values.

Mission Statement

Caplan & Earnest provides quality legal counsel at a fair value to our clients. Our teams work to solve complex legal issues that are in the best interest of our clients, and our legal solutions incorporate integrity and ethics. We value our communities and institutions that support our communities and strive to support them with the best legal counsel available. We appreciate our attorneys and staff and the value they add to supporting our clients. We also value and support the variety and differences of our employees, including their experiences and interests outside of the firm.

Our Values

  • We prioritize the best interests of our clients.
  • We provide fair value to our clients.
  • We do meaningful work for clients who provide a  benefit to the community.
  • We believe in teamwork and a team approach to solving client problems.
  • We deliver the highest quality of work.
  • We maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all of our internal and external interactions.
  • We treat our fellow teammates and clients with collegiality.
  • We appreciate and respect coworkers and their differences, with a commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • We prioritize community and employee well-being.
  • We encourage our team members to have fulfilling lives outside the firm.
  • We strive for prosperity without negatively impacting families and work-life flexibility.


Caplan & Earnest believes in delivering exceptional client work while also allowing team members to maintain a satisfying work-life balance.


Our firm highly values working as a team that trusts and supports each other. We think the best solutions for our clients are created by discussing legal issues with colleagues and getting multiple perspectives and information without negatively impacting the cost to our client. We encourage attorneys and staff to work with other sections to continually expand their legal perspectives. We seek to sustain our firm by mentoring and developing attorneys and staff that have an ownership mentality and want to grow a meaningful career at the firm. We appreciate candid conversations and are receptive to feedback. We encourage you to work independently and make decisions but seek advice and support when needed. If you make a mistake, communicate it, and work with your team to correct it. We expect attorneys and staff to communicate needs, concerns, or issues and assist in developing solutions.


We work hard and focus while we are in the office while balancing the social aspect of work. We strive to balance work, life outside of the office, flexibility, and coming together as a team. There will be times where you have to work very hard and there does not seem to be a balance. Those times are balanced by taking advantage of opportunities outside of the office when your workload is lighter. We encourage employees to take time away from the office to refresh and reenergize. We value and appreciate people pitching in and doing what needs to get done to assist coworkers and clients.


Caplan and Earnest’s benefits package includes flexible and remote work, paid medical, dental, vision, short- and long-term disability insurance, paid life insurance, employee assistance program, Telehealth, flexible spending, HSA accounts, paid holidays, 401K plan and profit sharing contribution, free parking and an Eco Pass.


We value our employees and all that you bring to supporting clients and the firm.

Fun Facts

Team member pets



Ski, Snowboard or read at the lodge?




Where our team is from

Map of where our team is from

Testimonials From the team

I never for a second doubt that our team is making the world better than it was yesterday.

– Beth Friel, Attorney, Education

We are all committed to a life of service while working at a private firm that treats people like human beings who happen to be lawyers, rather than vice versa.

– Elliott Hood, Attorney, Education, Litigation

If you are fortunate enough to be hired, your experience will be the best of your professional career.

– Shelley McKinstry, Paralegal, Litigation

The firm respects their employees and truly cares about our overall well being. You know that you matter here.

– Shellie Satterfield, Paralegal

A group of people who are independently driven to excel in their specialties, for their clients and in their communities while maintaining an equal balance with family, friends, and personal interests.

– Coulter Bump, Attorney, Business, Education

I genuinely enjoy the people I work with, which makes it a great place to work. We take our culture seriously.

– Brad Hendrick, Member, Immigration Law Section Leader


The views, the weather, the small town feel, the great restaurants and coffee shops.

– Allison Olds, Paralegal, Immigration

Available Positions

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Associate Attorney – Litigation

Caplan & Earnest is pleased to announce a fantastic career opportunity to join our dynamic litigation practice group as an associate attorney.  You will…

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