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2024 Education Law Lecture Series

The Caplan & Earnest Education Law practice group supports more than half the school districts in the state with a wide range of legal counsel and support services. We have earned a national reputation for our work in education law, being involved in several landmark legal decisions that have helped shape Colorado school law. We represent large urban to small rural school districts, boards of cooperative educational services, colleges, and other local educational agencies.

Our 2024 lecture series is designed to deepen your knowledge and expand your practical strategies for addressing the challenges facing educators.

Pricing: $150 for one, $500 for 4.

Each lecture is held virtually from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. A Zoom link will be provided two weeks prior to each lecture. Payment will be collected by our billing department after registration, and a Zoom link will be provided two weeks before scheduled date of lecture. Each participant must register individually, and the Zoom link is non-transferable. After registering, please save the dates to your calendar. 

Space is limited – register today to reserve your spot.

These training presentations do not constitute legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship with Caplan & Earnest and are offered to both clients of Caplan & Earnest and non-clients.

Feb. 14 – Manage Threats to School Safety Involving Students with Disabilities

Discover strategies to ensure safety while upholding the legal rights of all students, including students with disabilities. Equip yourself with the knowledge needed to foster a supportive educational atmosphere for every learner. Presented by Beth Friel and Melissa Barber.

March 13 – Respond to Student Misconduct

Unlock the keys to navigating Constitutional and statutory guidelines when handling student misconduct investigations and disciplinary actions. This training, tailored for educators and administrators, will equip you with practical insights and strategies to ensure fair, effective, and compliant approaches to student conduct matters. Presented by Coulter Bump and Sam Jones-Rogers.

April 17 – Effectively Hire and Evaluate Employees

Enhance your expertise in staffing and evaluation processes. This training, designed specifically for school administrators and human resource professionals in the education space, provides insights that will empower you in building a stellar team and fostering professional growth within your school. Presented by Melissa Barber and Kristin Edgar.

April 24 – Comply with Restraint and Seclusion Requirements

Empower yourself as an educator or administrator with our specialized training on Colorado’s Protection of Persons from Restraints Act. We’ll cover navigating the complexities of restraint protocols along with reporting duties to help you foster a supportive atmosphere while upholding legal standards. Presented by Melissa Barber and Hope Griffin.

May 15 – Examine the Anatomy of a School District Contract

Join experienced Caplan & Earnest attorneys as they break down the crucial components of a school district contract and help you learn the best ways to identify problem terms, avoid liability, and effectively navigate your next agreement. Presented by Coulter Bump and Tori Whitelaw.

June 12 – Investigate and Effectively Address Employee Misconduct

Learn how to handle employee misconduct, from conducting workplace investigations to implementing appropriate and legally permissible disciplinary consequences. Presented by Kristin Edgar and Anne Stuller.

Sep. 11 – Understand Child Find Obligations and Other IDEA Basics

Understand the legal responsibilities associated with identifying and serving IDEA-eligible children, including practical tips for ensuring the IEP’s offer of FAPE is defensible if challenged. Presented by Melissa Barber and Hope Griffin.

Sep. 18 – Respond to Sexual Abuse in the Schools

Examine best practices for handling reports of sexual abuse from lessons learned through litigation in this training designed for educators and administrators. Presented by Gwyn Whalen.

Sep. 25 – Distinguish Types of Employee Leave (FAMLI, HFWA, FMLA, Workers’ Compensation)

Understand the state and federal leave laws applicable to school district staff and how these laws intersect in different situations. Presented by Kristin Edgar, Mike Schreiner and Sam Jones-Rogers.

Oct. 9 – Comply with Section 504 Obligations

Learn how to ensure students with disabilities eligible under Section 504 are provided FAPE and other accommodations relating to participation in school district programs and activities. If the Department of Education releases amended Section 504 regulations as expected, also learn about the implications of these amendments. Presented by Melissa Barber and Beth Friel.

Oct. 16 – Evaluate Methods of Building a School

Building a new school is a rare and exciting opportunity for school leaders and staff. After attending this training, you will understand the construction contracting process, common pitfalls to avoid, and how to handle delays, defects and other problems. Presented by Coulter Bump, Doug Stevens and Tori Whitelaw.

Nov. 13 – Support Employees with Disabilities

Understand how to ensure employees with disabilities receive legally required, reasonable accommodations. Presented by Kristin Edgar, Mike Schreiner and Sam Jones-Rogers.

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Leave blank if attendee is also billing contact
Each lecture is 90 minutes, 11:30am-1:00pm
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