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Caplan & Earnest attorneys and paralegals commit to stand by clients even during their most challenging times/circumstances. Family law and divorce matters can be some of the toughest, most emotionally challenging experiences anyone will face in their lifetime. We work hard to develop creative solutions for you that serve your children’s best interests and protect your financial rights, allowing you to successfully move through these challenges.

Our attorneys have been recognized by their peers for excellence in handling family law and divorce matters. Among the matters we handle are:

  • Adoption – Our team is experienced in ensuring that adoptive parents and children are protected as they begin (or continue) their lives together.
  • Child support – Whether you need to establish an initial support order that meets the needs of the children while treating the parents fairly, or modify existing orders to reflect a change in circumstances, our attorneys have the experience you need.
  • Divorce – For more than 40 years, our attorneys have helped clients in Colorado successfully manage the divorce process. We work with our clients to understand their unique needs, and then we advocate assertively to protect them.
  • Domestic disputes/violence – These situations often have lifelong consequences. You need an attorney who has the experience to understand the legal process and help you navigate a path forward carefully understanding and balancing risks and benefits.
  • Estate valuations – No division of assets can begin without a fair evaluation of the value of your property. We work with sophisticated experts to assure analysis of critical factors to achieve successful and accurate valuations, including investments, real estate, stock options/restricted stock, trusts and partnerships.
  • Maintenance modifications – Too often, child support and alimony payments are established, and consideration is not given when circumstances change. A layoff, reduction in salary, the birth of a child with a new partner or other factors can trigger a review of maintenance orders that may allow you to increase or decrease maintenance obligations depending on circumstances.
  • Property Division – Colorado law distinguishes between separate property and the marital estate. Tax considerations are also key in evaluating the complex pros and cons of multiple property division possibilities. Our attorneys brainstorm, support, and represent you in analyzing and evaluations myriad property division options to creatively work to your economic benefit to achieve the best possible outcome. circumstances.
  • Parental rights/issues – No area of the law requires more of a balance between compassionate counsel with assertive advocacy than in matters of parenting issues. A protracted court fight over parenting issues increases the expenses of litigation and risks damaging your relationship with your children, forever. On the other hand, standing up for your kids when necessary is wise and prudent. Our team is prepared to provide reliable, knowledgeable advice on your legal options gained through decades of experience with a child centered focus on long term, beneficial outcomes.
  • Post-divorce matters – Certain aspects of divorce agreements remain modifiable. Evaluating options, employing careful cost/benefit approaches, and assessing cost vs. benefit of multiple options is a key to effective counsel. Our attorneys have decades of experience helping clients quickly and efficiently address post-divorce matters.
  • Prenuptial agreements – Our trust and estate group work with our family law attorneys to assure that prenuptial agreements serve your long-term goals. Whether preserving legacy wealthy or assuring that a newly married spouse is receiving a fair shake, we have the broad knowledge and experience to navigate and counsel with respect to serve you goals. Our trust, estate, and divorce attorneys are experienced with marital agreements and know what is required to customize agreements to your particular goals.
  • Second marriages – For most people, a second marriage involves nuances and issues not commonly faced in a first marriage. We are mindful of these issues and possible complications and will stand by you to address your questions and confront the unique challenges of second marriages.
  • Mediation – We use mediation as a tool in virtually every case. We believe that a successfully negotiated outcome usually benefits clients more than expensive, contentious litigation. We work with the best mediators in the State to achieve client goals. Choosing the right mediator, preparing proper mediation presentations, and skillfully negotiating from a position of knowledge and sophistication increase the likelihood to positive outcomes for you.
  • Complexity – Divorce cases present issues of real estate, corporate, trust, psychology, criminal law, employment law, healthcare, education, and other areas of law. Because Our team at Caplan & Earnest stands behind you with expertise in a broad range of legal areas, allowing us to uniquely provide sophisticated counsel because of our broad range of talented attorneys. We strive to do so without additional cost to you employing an efficient, cost/benefit approach.

If you have questions about your specific situation or would like to understand how to best protect your rights or property, please contact:

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Family Law/Divorce Attorneys

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