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Caplan & Earnest is synonymous with education legal services.

We started working with education clients more than 40 years ago, and over that time, Caplan & Earnest’s Education Law practice group has grown to be the largest in the state.

Our experience and diverse client base allow us to pool information and resources, so that legal services are provided in an efficient and cost-effective manner. In fact, we support more than half the school districts in the state with a wide range of legal counsel and support services, from providing legal opinions on topics such as special education and risk management, to defending school districts in litigation, to even serving as outsourced general counsel.

We have earned a national reputation for our work in the area of education law, and have been involved in several landmark legal decisions that have helped shape public education statewide. We represent both large urban and small rural school districts, boards of cooperative education services and other local education agencies.

If you would like to know more about our Education Law services, please contact:

 Melissa Barber

Melissa Barber
Phone: 303-443-8010

We Resolve Issues Quickly

In addition to general school board representation, our attorneys have extensive experience in:

  • School finance
  • Employment law
  • Constitutional law
  • Charter school management
  • Election issues
  • Special education
  • Section 504/ADA compliance
  • Student discipline
  • Real estate acquisitions and construction
  • Risk management
  • School-related litigation
  • Appellate work

Our index of legal opinions that covers hundreds of issues minimizes research time and costs for clients, and our approach to each district is unique, given that we tailor solutions to each client’s goals and priorities.

Keeping School Officials Current

Our attorneys provide in-service trainings for board members, administrators and staff. Recent trainings have addressed:

  • The nuts and bolts of school board authority and responsibility
  • Compliance with open meeting/open records laws
  • Investigating allegations of employee misconduct
  • Senate Bill 191: Implementation and implications for Reductions in Force (RIF)
  • Crisis prevention, response and recovery
  • Use and abuse of social media
  • Student restraint
  • Student discipline, including discipline for students with disabilities
  • Section 504 planning after the ADA Amendments Act
  • How to conduct legally compliant IEP meetings

Value-Added Services

We offer clients our perspective and analysis, with updates on relevant legislative and legal matters. We host roundtable discussions and professional development seminars, including webinars, that help busy school administrators gather relevant legal information efficiently, and we are frequently asked to present at key educational conferences.

Whether you are a district seeking counsel, or in-house counsel seeking support in a specialty area, our team is ready to assist you in your efforts to establish or manage agreements, remain compliant or defend or initiate litigation.

Masterminds Professional Development Series

It has never been more difficult to be an effective school or district administrator. Challenging student behaviors, frustrated families, labor shortages, changing legislation, and learning loss attributable to the pandemic likely leave you with fraying teams, urgent tasks crowding out your priorities, and questions about how you can make a meaningful impact in the face of all these obstacles.

You have the potential to drive meaningful results for your teams and students, and we have the program designed to help you actualize your potential, month over month, throughout the entire school year. Join emerging leaders throughout Colorado to increase your productivity, capacity, and connection as part of the Caplan & Earnest Masterminds Program.

  • Learn the weak points in structures and procedures that expose teams to legal disputes
  • Share real-world challenges and concerns
  • Hear and understand different viewpoints
  • Define, refine, and recommit to your priorities
  • Form connections with bright and dedicated leaders just like you

Caplan & Earnest Education Law Grant Program

For more than 50 years, the Education Law practice at Caplan & Earnest has helped clients overcome barriers so they can achieve their goal of providing an excellent education for their students. The Caplan & Earnest Education Law Grant Program is a direct extension of this important work. The Grant Program provides funding to Colorado non-profit organizations that seek to remove barriers for underrepresented post-secondary learners so they have the opportunity to achieve their academic and career goals.

Education Law Attorneys

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