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Caplan & Earnest is a Boulder-based law firm that serves clients throughout Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region. With more than 30 attorneys, we offer innovative legal solutions to complex business challenges for clients who have education, health law, litigation, immigration, real estate, business and commercial law, family law, estate planning, and workplace investigation needs.

For more than 50 years, our firm has thrived by creating a culture of respect for our clients. Our difference is our talented and innovative attorneys who bring a collaborative approach to client matters. These attorneys are attracted to Caplan & Earnest because of our flexible and supportive culture, and the result is that we are able to develop long-term client relationships.

We instill confidence and peace of mind for our clients. They trust that our work will help them solve their most-important business challenges. We invite you to contact us to learn more about what makes working with Caplan & Earnest a uniquely positive experience.

The Flatirons of Boulder on a beautiful spring day
Caplan and Earnest standing together and smiling

Our Founders

More than 50 years ago, Gerald Caplan and Lane Earnest could have only imagined the successful and enduring law firm that would be their professional legacies.

Mr. Caplan was a partner in another Boulder law firm when he met Mr. Earnest who was a student at the University of Colorado School of Law. Mr. Earnest clerked for Mr. Caplan before the two embarked on a vision to open a firm that would be founded on the core values and principles they shared—teamwork, respect for clients and the firm’s employees, and excellent legal work. That vision became the reality of Caplan & Earnest.

While the firm originally served small businesses and individuals in the Boulder area, today it has become highly respected for its work in education law, health law, litigation, estate planning, immigration law, business law and workplace investigations. With a reputation for delivering outstanding legal advice—and helping individuals and businesses thrive under their legal guidance—the firm has grown rapidly to serve clients throughout the broader Rocky Mountain region.

Caplan & Earnest serves as a model for law firm-client relationships, and as an enduring legacy for the two founders.

Our Culture

Culture is a critical piece of our business and work life at Caplan & Earnest. How we treat each other and our clients reflects the firm’s core values as well as the beliefs and attitudes of our team members. This has been true for the firm since it was started by Gerry Caplan and Lane Earnest more than 50 years ago. Our members have worked diligently over the years to grow, maintain and adapt our firm culture as the business landscape has changed over the years. Our culture drives how we work with our clients, the people we hire, how we interact with each other, and how we make decisions for our business. Simply put, our culture is what keeps our firm going. It is important for new people coming into the firm to understand, respect and internalize our culture. In fact, we feel it is so important that we wanted to put it in writing for our new people. It starts with our firm mission and values.

Our Team

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