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A Professional Development Series for Emerging Leaders in Education

It has never been more difficult to be an effective school or district administrator. Challenging student behaviors, frustrated families, labor shortages, changing legislation, and learning loss attributable to the pandemic likely leave you with fraying teams, urgent tasks crowding out your priorities, and questions about how you can make a meaningful impact in the face of all these obstacles.

You have the potential to drive meaningful results for your teams and students, and we have the program designed to help you actualize your potential, month over month, throughout the entire school year. Join emerging leaders throughout Colorado to increase your productivity, capacity, and connection as part of the Caplan & Earnest Masterminds Program.

  • Learn the weak points in structures and procedures that expose teams to legal disputes
  • Share real-world challenges and concerns
  • Hear and understand different viewpoints
  • Define, refine, and recommit to your priorities
  • Form connections with bright and dedicated leaders just like you

Step away from the task list, the isolation, and the incessant overwhelm of school and district administration. Engage in refreshing, action-oriented conversations with seasoned attorneys and fellow education administrators to provide you with the clarity you need to deliver the support and leadership your colleagues and school communities deserve.

Space is limited—sign up today to reserve your seat in the 2022-2023 Caplan & Earnest Masterminds Program.


The Caplan & Earnest Masterminds Program is designed to move each participant toward their short- and long-term professional goals. Each session is facilitated by a Caplan & Earnest attorney and includes a brief presentation by the attorney to promote members’ familiarity with trending and evergreen legal issues.

The attorney’s presentation is followed by the Masterminding process, a facilitated group discussion of real-world solutions to members’ most pressing professional challenges. The Masterminding process encourages idea-generation, critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication, and collaboration with supportive partners in the field of school and district administration.


The Masterminds Program is a professional development series, which includes 10 one-hour sessions that take place over 10 months (August-May). To promote consistency and connection with your fellow Masterminds, you will be placed (based on your scheduling priorities and, where possible, your areas of interest) in a regular timeslot with your assigned group for the year.

However, we are committed to accommodating your demanding schedule as best we can. This year, we are pleased to host as many as 12 different tracks each month to ensure that you can “guest” in another track when your schedule poses an unavoidable conflict with your assigned group.

Session Topics

Learn practical and insightful information related to pressing issues. The attorneys’ brief presentations cover a range of timely, relevant issues, based on the group’s focus. Topics may include student discipline, agency investigations, high-conflict meetings, privacy considerations, agenda planning, Title IX complaints, incident documentation, planning for students with disabilities, preparing for board meetings, school safety, public comment, and much more.

Yet, the attorneys’ brief presentations are just the tip of the iceberg. The rest of the topics covered by each Masterminds session are generated by the members, themselves. The Masterminds program’s flexible nature means that you will have an opportunity to influence the content based on your concerns or needs.

Last year, participants raised issues relating to recruitment, truancy, human services actions, math curriculum, executive functioning curricula, burnout, teacher mentoring, SRO engagement, student participation in meetings, pitching ideas to supervisors, manifestation determination reviews, preparing a speech, creating a group of stakeholders, restorative practices, core-values-based leadership, training paraprofessionals, productive professionals’ meetings, clear communication practices, parent engagement, boundary-setting, Child Find, and much, much more.


Coulter Bump headshot

Coulter Bump

Coulter provides legal support for all types of education institutions from preschools to colleges. She weaves connections between parties’ commonalities, positions, strategies, and even contract language to knit together solutions for teams that will strengthen Masterminds’ personal and professional development as leaders among leaders.

Kristin Edgar headshot

Kristin Edgar

Kristin provides general counsel support for school districts and advises school boards, superintendents, and school administrators on all aspects of a district’s day-to-day operations. She is a voice of wisdom and encouragement in the face of the practical and political realities of leading in a school community.
Beth Friel headshot

Beth Friel

Beth is attuned to the subtle nuances and rippling effects of disputes arising between families and school teams. She guides her Masterminds members to rise above an immediate frustration point, orient their efforts productively, and find their way to solutions that honor the best in everyone involved.
Hope Griffin headshot

Hope Griffin

Hope’s experience as a classroom teacher and serving as in-house counsel in one of the state’s largest school districts gives her a broad perspective on emerging legal issues in our school systems. Hope leverages these many lenses to find simplicity within chaos, allowing Masterminds to cut through distraction and to act with clarity and purpose.

The fee for the Masterminds program is $1,500 annually. Participants or their sponsoring school or district may choose to make a one-time, up-front payment of the full amount or choose to pay in equal monthly installments of $150 (due the first day of each month of the program). Each participant submitting their initial payment on or before July 15, 2022, will receive a Masterminds traveler’s mug as a thank-you for your early commitment to the program.

Strictly enforced rules of confidentiality enhance the candor and usefulness of every conversation, and preserve your dignity and reputation, as well as that of the other members.   These conversations are confidential but are not covered by the attorney-client privilege.  Confidentiality is enforced through exclusions from the group for breaches of the group’s trust.

Participation in the Masterminds Program does not create an attorney-client relationship with Caplan and Earnest. Host’s presentations do not constitute legal advice, and discussions during monthly meetings are not protected by the attorney-client privilege.  

During the 2022-2023 school year, Caplan & Earnest’s Masterminds program is limited to no more than 120 school- and district-level administrators in Colorado, meaning that there will not be more than 10 regular attendees for any one group. This ensures that you receive the time and attention you deserve as a participating member in Masterminds sessions.

Only licensed school and district administrators are eligible to participate in the Masterminds program. Members of boards of education or other governing entities, as well as attorneys, non-employee parents, or community members, are not eligible.

Please note that participation in the Masterminds program does not create an attorney-client relationship with Caplan & Earnest. Presentations do not constitute legal advice, and discussions during monthly meetings are not protected by attorney-client privilege. 

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