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Defense Attorneys: Take Special Care with Health Care Professional Clients 

By Laura Wassmuth and Sheryl Bridges

Health care professionals charged with crimes may face collateral consequences for their license and their livelihood. Criminal defense counsel is best prepared to counsel these clients when they consider these issues, including professional licensing, credentials, labor contracts and insurance coverage, to name a few. A plea deal, and in some situations even an allegation, of criminal conduct can impact your client’s ability to continue doing their job in health care. It’s not just a conviction they have to worry about.  

Any of the following criminal issues may jeopardize a health care professional’s career:  

  • Felony convictions 
  • Misdemeanor convictions 
  • Arrests 
  • Charges 
  • Pleas 
  • Deferred judgment/sentence 
  • Guilty verdicts 
  • Failure to report any of the above 

How we can help 

In the complex and rapidly evolving world of health care law, we highly recommend partnering with a seasoned attorney who understands the intricacies of the field. Our health law team stays up to date on the latest legal developments and precedents, ensuring that your clients receive the most effective and informed defense and protect they’re right to continue doing their job.  

Whether it’s a medical malpractice claim, a licensing issue, a regulatory investigation or even allegations of criminal behavior by coworkers or patients Caplan & Earnest’s qualified team of health law attorneys have extensive experience in this area of the law and are available for counsel. 

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